[tbt!uesday] h u s h u s h – Pink [Stream]

Whether you are heavy into Hip-Hop (like myself), love that throwback R&B shit, or all about some chill ass beats. This is the tape with all dat.

Local Ewa Beach producer, h u s h u s h, hits all the right spots in this project and he creates the perfect mix of modern flavorful beats & old school to new school Hip-Hop and R&B jams.

Everything from Biggie – Alicia Keys – 2 Chainz – Kendrick Lamar – Jhene Aiko – Pikachu – Nicki Minaj – T.I.

I highly recommend listening to these tracks below:

1 / highly respected (feat. acsi)

2 / can i hiddit again?

3 / 好景気

4 / 7 D 6

5 / Close 2 U (Tribute To Kyoshy)

Now do yourself a favor.



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