[Da Local Spotlight] h u s h u s h Edition

Spotlight #19

Local Hawaii-Ewa Beach producer, h u s h u s h, has been a source of quality beats and funky new age tunes over the past couple of years. Known for supplying local hip-hop acts such as Koins & Sire with top-notch-attention-drawing production. h u s h u s h’s music catalog consists mostly of instrumentals & blends, spanning widely over a few years, dating back to 2014. You will see that h u s h is only getting better with age.

If you haven’t heard the Pink project back in 2015… it hits all the right spots sonically and creates the perfect mix of modern flavorful beats & old school to new school Hip-Hop and R&B jams.

Other than that, here are some notable highlights/tracks h u s h u s h dropped over the past years/months that can’t be ignored:

  • Rick Ross’ Hustlin’ gets a h u s h u s h remix

  • h u s h u s h smoothly blends together Junior Mafia’s Get Money with a gorgeous Nujabes beat.

  • Possibly my favorite beat  h u s h u s h cooked up, it’s incredible. If you ever thought about freestyling this should trigger that immediate impulse.

  • The teaser for h u s h u s h Pink project (Part 2), which we are still hoping to here someday…? The hook to ScHoolboy Q’s Man of the Year gets an unexpected makeover.

    h u s h u s h is a unique & mysterious producer that’s only hint of identity/personality is heard through the music. Great taste & a favorable selection of sampled music for his blends. h u s h u s h got the skills and has what it takes to become another of Hawaii’s go-to producers.


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