[tbt!uesday] h u s h u s h – thug life.

Not sure if this was scratched on the cutting room floor for h u s h u s h’sPink project, but it’s a heater.

A dope blend/mashup of 2Pac’s Fuck All Y’all.

With the magnitude of 2Pac remixes, blends, and mashup, it’s hard to put together one that truly stands out. h u s h did just that and it is now a new modern favorite of mine. If you ever heard of DJ critikaL that was my shit back in the day. It’s always refreshing to hear some old-school hip-hop rhymes with some evolution on the production end and also a break from the ever prominent occurrence of today’s ‘mumble rap’.

Be sure to check out his Pink project while you’re here too. Fuego 🔥


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