[MAIKA’I] Koins – Hypocrite Baby [Visual Album + EP Stream]

Koins returns with his Hypocrite Baby visual short film.

“We’re all hypocrites whether you’d like to admit or not. We’re constantly recreating our selves and learning from what’s behind us, contradicting our selves, while we grow.” -Koins

Not long after he killed the Hawaii Hip-Hop game with his Familiar Faces debut, The Light Skin Kanak brings us the next installment of his musical journey.

This 5-track EP is short, but don’t let the length fool you because he makes up for it with the impressive visuals accompanying the music. I felt like it’s a good idea to listen to the whole thing first and follow it up with the film, so you can see how he incorporates each track into a short story.

Major props to Cameron Calistro; another job well done.

The Must:

1.Come From (Prod. by 94)

(Visual Time – 3:46) By far the hardest track on the project. Killer beat and some of his best rhyming abilities yet. In the visuals, he connects the beauty of home with the comradery of his homies by being kidnapped only to begin rapping for them at a bonfire. Displaying where he Comes From with pride.

2.Runaway (Prod. by LPZCK)

(Visual Time – 6:10) Ironically he’s trying to runaway in one of the most populated areas on the island… but is it supposed to be a metaphor for what he wants to runaway from? Sparking a j in the crosswalk, running/rapping through Waikiki; this has to be the greatest part of the visual.

3.Own Time (feat. Jim Hurdle) (Prod. by Randy B.)

(Visual Time – 9:46) Shooting a music video at a graveyard is pretty wild. Was worth it in my opinion though. Shoutout to Randy  B, love that Is She Gon Pop? sample.

Hypocrite Baby is yet another superb addition to Koins’ hot streak of releases over the past years… beginning with his days in the Broke Mokes. I only see upward mobility for this man and he worked damn hard on this project, so please support the dude and buy that fire on iTunes or whatever you be using.


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