[MAIKA’I] Sire – 4N (Prod. by TSRK) + [VIDEO]

I believe most of us can agree that this is one of the best Hawaii rap songs of the year so far, huh? That sample is genius, T$RK has had a robust year.

As for the video… fantastic. The canoe flicks were f*cking awesome. Wildin’ with that one.

Sire/Cameron (videographer) really captured prime highlights of local living here (scenery, beaches, locations) and the plot resembles what most fantasize about when their stuck at their 9-5 or just having a rough day & need some mental ventilation. Can’t forget to mention the quality is A-1. Professionally done and up to par with most top tier artists. Well done y’all.

Sire keeps coming with that fire…all year… project to come soon?



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