Punahele – Shovels… (Prod. 695Life & Sub Z)

New music from Punahele. He released this short, Dice Games at Pōkaʻī Bay EP, just a few months ago. Shovels is my favorite cut due to the excessive & hefty, energetic bars. Overall, the project was more on the darker side, but if you enjoy underground hip-hop and artists like Jedi Mind Tricks or Cannibal Ox (in that realm). You’ll enjoy what seems to be the Hawaii version of that.

Peep the full track-list:

1. Shovels…. (Prod. 695Life and Sub Z)
2. Buddhist Funeral (Prod. Diab0lik)
3. Bite of a Rattlesnake (Prod. BN5stax)
4. Die Happy (Prod. BN5stax)


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