[In Case You Didn’t Know…] Prozack Turner – Not Everybody Sleeps At Night [VIDEO + New Album]

Prozack Turner is an emcee/producer reigning from the Bay Area & one-third of the Hip-Hop group, Foreign Legion. As a group they have released a handful of albums throughout the early 2000’s-now, along with much solo work from the members as well.

His 2017 album, Not Everybody Sleeps At Night, features many well-known names in the underground Hip-Hop community (Oh No, Guilty Simpson & Brother Ali) and has a couple tracks I found to be pretty dope. The aforementioned album-titled track, Girls On A Trampoline & Cocaine and Disco are ones to check out for sure.

Not only is P.T. a successful musician… the world famous crew member has also branched off into the bar business and established The Layover Music Bar, which won “Best New Bar” in Oakland 2009.
Yeah…In case you didn’t know.


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