S P A C E C A S A – Tides [Album]

The Spacecasa collective delivers a 12-track instrumental project titled, Tides.

A very impressive beat-tape by the crew. If half the tracks on here make me want to freestyle; I know these are some fire beats.

The Must:

1. The Super melodically fluid – Drinking Too Much…Narumi
(magu the dog)

2. The eerie atmosphere-overcast-ish – Hell on a Tuesday Night @ 66..6bpm (hottestinstreets & magu the dog)

3. The trance-like harp on – Pearl

If you’re looking for some good focus music to add to your collection…
Magu has always provided and he does not disappoint here with the killer productions. You’ll also get introduced to other beatmakers in the crew such as Hottestinstreets & PZA. They hold it down by giving us a slightly different sound on their selective tracks, but still keep the album consistent in style & natural.


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