cnrboy & magu the dog /// cerulean city [Mixtape Stream]

First of all, I would like to praise whoever created the artwork for this project because it is incredibly dope. Not only is it OG Kanto af; cnrboy has his dope-self animated too. Holding a master  ball of course… 👌🏼

Now… here we have a great & solid tape. I feel they worked got damn hard on this because everything flows so nicely. Each song connects to one another and almost makes it difficult to tell if the next track started or not. Major props to magu on the boards.

Nonetheless… overall my favorite track would have to be #1 kasumi’s heartache. Cause I love the sample 😉

#2 Nighttime in cerulean city (feat. Shitty Cornelius) brings some light (ironically) to the project after a slow awakening. It’s a fresh instrumental with some fast paced rhymes from .rar. A total 180.

#3 Hanada Cave (feat. Koins) is on the same tip as #1 above. Very mellow.

Two other honorable mention tracks are old soul (feat. Christ Moon) and missed calls [from team rocket], I enjoyed old soul’s smooth jazzy vibe. Perfect to roll up.

Well… at this point i’m just gonna say, please listen to the entire tape… Everything is worth recommending especially with all the sick Pokemon references as track titles. It’s quite flawless if you ask me.

cerculean city is therefore holding the crown for best Hawaii Hip-Hop project this year (so far).

Check out this dope quote he referenced from graffiti artist EKG as well:

over the years, though, the signal accrued other meanings, like any poetic sign hopefully developing depth and plurality, until the shape becomes tumescent with many meanings and possible readings, or maybe one grand unification theory, a universal statement on the nature of humanity, language, and illegal public marks: transmission, emanation, radiation, resonance, fluctuation, palpitation, ripple, wave, blurt, blip. Everything from string theory to […hip hop…] can be tied together in this symbol.


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