[Da Local Spotlight] magu the dog Edition

Spotlight #17

Hawaii super-producer/S P A C E C A S A captain/mr.flying throughyourneighborhoodathyperspeed, magu the dog, has been one of the go-to beatmakers for the Hawaii music sphere for over the last few years. His already established credibility soars from the incredible joint-collaboration project with cnrboy (cerulean city) which landed in my Top 2 of 2016, to the continuing variety of material he has released with local emcees, Koins, Lazy Luciano, Prie, Shitty Cornelius, etc, to the countless musical features on J O N C O Z Y’s VLOG series.

To simplify all of this… he hasn’t been off the Hawaii hip-hop radar in some time. His music catalog consists mostly of instrumentals, however, he does have a few tracks featuring the aforementioned emcees. Be sure to check out some of his releases here and here. His production style is more laid-back, mellow, jazzy and often all of the above; so it tends to fit perfectly with the reflective style most Hawaii emcees possess.

favorite track has to be…

  1. TM13 (Ice Beam)(ft. cnrboy&cornelius)

It honestly caught my attention at the track name because how wouldn’t you know one of the most sought after moves in PKM. The smooth & serene beat (reminds me of Nujabes) meshes great with the assisted vocals of cnrboy & cornelius. Too bad it wasn’t longer.

2.  Q.M. StrangeLove (feat. cnrboy, Koins & Sire)

Another fire track with likewise attributes as the above. Can’t fail with the mixture.

3. から夜間に犬の好奇心の事件戸塚(The.Curious.Incident.Of.The.Dog.In.The.Nighttime.From.Totsuka…Fifth.Station)

4.  保土ヶ谷 (Falling.In.Love.In.Hodogaya…Fourth.Station)

Had to include some instrumentals and these two hit the spot. Great beats to vibe out to.

magu is a rising/standout producer that Hawaii has to offer. His unique style often incorporates and is highly influenced by the Japanese culture; separating him from the masses. The high quality of production he demonstrates lures the attention he receives on a worldwide platform. In a way, he is creating a sound for Hawaii Hip-Hop in general and this is further supported by the consistent rate at which he releases material resulting in the constant relevance to his music.


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