cnrboy & magu the dog – ALGEA [Mixtape Stream]

The cerulean city duo returns with ALGEA, their follow-up to one of my favorite tapes of last year. They keep their winning streak alive with this 12-track project that showcases what they did best on their previous achievement. To top it off… they dropped it on 4/20… what more could we ask?

πŸ”₯1 / see you later

πŸ’«2 /Β binary star (feat. shitty cornelius & hottestinstreets)

🍺3 / last one (one more drink)

πŸ—»4Β / koto

🍎5 / apple of knowledge (feat. shitty cornelius)

Man… breaking down this project into just 5 tracks that I loved was tough as hell… After several casual listens and one final run-through I was just astonished by how fluid this tape was. Every track just slid into the next; keeping that eerie nocturnal vibeness, but also boosting energy through magu’s soulful & melodic production. Often times I felt the instrumentals outweighed the raps, but don’t get me wrong… the laid-back braggadocios wordplay and story-telling from kobe-wan kenobiΒ & crew kept me utterly fascinated.

In the end, it seems i’m never disappointed with this duo. Always coming through with that local flame. Let’s hope for another solid year in 2018. Spacecasa records is the bizz. πŸš€

My apologies for the late post. I know this is much delayed, but I couldn’t just not acknowledge greatness. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―


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