DEF!NiTiON – Made In Hawaii [Album Link]


If you haven’t already checked out DEF!NiTiON’s 2011 mixtape then you’re missing out on one of the originators of dope Hawaii Hip-hop. This is a little throwback because you know it’s the weekly occasion, of course. Anyway, check the link on the bottom to check some knowledge 🙂 :

(Surill) Personal Favorite Tracks:

  1. Chill Interlude
  3. Belly of the Beast

Bio: DEF!NiTiON is a proud HI emcee. Universal Zulu Nation is the fam, Night Marchers is the crew, and 4nTongues is the label. Somehow DEF! manages being a full time student, working part time on campus, being a full time rapper, doing community service teaching Hip-Hop at Waipahu Elementary school and is committed to perpetuating the Hip-Hop culture in Hawaii and around the world.



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