[Da Local Spotlight] DecibelGrand Edition


Spotlight #5

“24 yr old rapper from Honolulu Hawaii, Now living in the beautiful Pacific North West.” – DecibelGrand’s Bio

After posting much of his music lately, it’s finally time to give him a showcase of his own. Gonna provide you hip-hop heads with a few of my personal favorite tracks from the Decibel. (Besides the ones I already posted)

[Update March 2016] First track is, latenight:

*Since the Iced Coffee track has been removed by Decibel, I now replaced it with my current favorite of his… Just a perfect track.

Next is Lava Lamp, however, I believe it is from his alias Bene DeLa:

Click, clack loaded

I think him and Sean Price would be an ill collabo. RIP to the don.

Another one… Greenery:

DecibelGrand is an exceptional Hawaii emcee and I believe he has so much talent. His style and flow and even voice can work so well with artists like Boot Camp Clik, the late Sean Price, MF Doom & even Immortal Technique. I will be looking forward to a full project from the dude, def goin cop. YA KNOWDet.


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