CJ Fiya – Miscellaneous Mind [EP Stream]

Fiya-Day the 13th

CJ’s long-awaited first official EP, Miscellaneous Mind, is here.

Like he says below every track has a slightly different sound displaying his versatility within the hip-hop/rap realm, which puts a creative spin on the project. Personally, I have to go with Wrist Motion as my favorite ‘vibe’ of his.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Miscellaneous Mind” came together as an EP to showcase all of me, every aspect when it comes to my music. The idea for the project was to create a playlist with each track representing the different vibes i get when creating music. I like to listen to and find inspiration from all genres of music! So naturally when i create music its constantly taking a different direction and im always out the box! People tell me stick to one style and keep with one direction but that just wasn’t me. So i created “Miscellaneous Mind” to give my listeners some insight into my creative processes. To show that im on some different shit no matter what angle you looking from. Like a true diamond in the rough. Every track here makes another cut, reveals another side, until all you see left shining, is ME!” – CJ Fiya


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