Weaver Beats – Struggle (feat. Koins, cnrboy & paradigm)

New all-star cut sponsored by Weaver Beats, hosting some of Hawaii’s finest. Solid bars from everyone above and bangin’ instrumental. cnrboy! πŸ”₯

Be sure to check out Weaver Beats if you’re looking for some diverse & quality instrumentals ranging from hip-hop to electronic look no further. He has supplied me with great music to stay on my work-grind all last week.
Dude has killer production skills… πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

If you aren’t familiar with Weaver Beats…Β brief bio here:

“Weaver Beats also known as Jerred Jones, is a musician/producer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He works with a multitude of genres ranging from hip hop, to experimental electronic, ambient and house.”

Weavers first official album was “Collective pt 1” released in 2015. A mainly instrumental album with a few hip hop vocals sprinkled through out its entirety. This is a collection of his best works dating back to 2009.

He quickly produced a follow up album called “Collective pt 2” in 2016. Another mainly instrumental album that was extremely abstract in nature. There are almost no vocals, definitely a lot of experimentation and instrumentation.

His 3rd album “Conscience” is said by many to be his greatest. Β The approach was different for this one. Deciding to ditch the instrumental abstract formula he usually goes for, he picked up an abstract wavy vocal style instead.”

Courtesy of www.weaverbeats.com/about

Now get listening… 🎡🎢


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