Matt Martyr – Heaven’s Decree [Album Stream]

It’s been 3 years since we last heard from the Jameson connoisseur Yung Matt; now referred to as Matt Martyr. This is his latest project with the likes of some familiar faces.

Personal Favorites:

1. Outro

2. Hopeless (feat. Lazy Luciano) (Prod. by Free P)

Prior release about 2 years ago. The collab between these two stays hopeful.

3. Rather Be Alone (feat. cnrboy & Prie) (Prod. by Chemist)

4. Day By Day (Prod. by Kajmir)

5. Paradise Music

Shoutout to my previous post from last year, No Regrets. 

Enjoyed this project; he did a good job compiling everything together and incorporating it into a full package along with a bunch of new material. The Outro was the most relatable part; it gave me Nothing Was The Same feels from the passion and energy put in. Hopeless issa banger.

I definitely see Matt’s hunger to succeed and hope all the best down the road.


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