Shitty Cornelius – Faye®

Here we have a slight throwback track from local rapper Cornelius Garcia aka Shitty Cornelius. Frequent collaborator with cnrboy, so often that they combined to make the local rap group, .rar. I haven’t posted all too much of his solo work yet (mostly just his guest appearances), but finally got around to listening to all of his work and will definitely be dedicating a spotlight post to him in the near future.

This track, Faye®, is one that I thought was really sick, dropped back in 2016. With reference to the Cowboy Bebop character, Faye Valentine. One of his more popular releases, but didn’t make my personal favorites list so check it out now.

I have to say…he is one of the more creative local artists. Very original style/presence, he is a standout from the rest with his versatile rap flow (transitions from singing to rapping). The consistent use of anime references is a major plus too. Gotta love it.


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