Noah Neevz – March 2017 [Collection]

First off, Merry Kushmas to all my smoker’s, merry 4/20!

Simply just can’t keep up on a regular basis with this cat, so I’m starting a monthly ‘collection’ of his music. All of these tracks have dropped within the last month and of good quality too, so be sure to check um out.

1. athlete:

He is an athlete with these releases, not stopping. hell nah.

2. sw (part 1):

3. ok:

4. pull up (part 2):

5. another chance (prod. by fly melodies):

6. u don’t know (with c.rose):

Favorite out of this collection. The vocals from c.rose are so melodic and harmonic with the beat, making it difficult not to enjoy off the bat.

7. 3legit:

8. pretty please (feat. Jus Ron):

This soulful cut is a banger too and the Kanye-inspired beat is a major plus.


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