[Da Local Spotlight] Sire Edition

Spotlight #16

This time around the spotlight shines on local artist, Sire (also known as Young Sire). From a background/bio perspective, I don’t have much choice but to keep this short & sweet because in all honesty… I can’t seem to find all that much about dude. From what I’ve heard and listened to, he is a frequent collaborator with local artists; Koins & cnrboy and has yet to drop his very own full length project. But don’t let that fool you… Sire does have his fair share of bangers and dope verses (as you will discover below) throughout the individual songs he dropped so far.

My personal favorite track of his has to be… Wrong Time with Torrentiiial.

Catchy hook, nice vibe & smooth instrumental. Dedicated to someone who came into your life at a time you didn’t feel was right or you personally weren’t ready for. A blessing and a curse to some, which most could relate. One of his most complete songs, imo.

Lyrics written and performed by Sire and Torrentiiial / Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brimdog Records / Instrumental produced by Ghxst

Next we have the star-studded… Tell Me Somethin’ (featuring I.A., Koins & SteezyGeezy).

Massive collaboration between some of my favorites with that laid-back-in-the-cut-type music. How could it go wrong?

Written and Performed by I.A., Koins, Young Sire, and Steezy Geezy / Instrumental Produced by Winzel McFly / Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Primaphonix

Lastly, we got Late Ride With Friends (featuring Koins & Josh F).

The memorizing instrumental is enough to get your attention. With the addition of Josh F’s vocals and the never disappointing Koins; the aforementioned gives Sire a key for the combination.

Written and performed by Chris Rockemwell, Koins, Josh F, &Young Sire / Produced, Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Chris Rockemwell

Sire may be the dark horse of the Hawaii Hip-hop scene, but that’s only because he hasn’t dropped all that much material yet. The potential is all there, no doubt. He does have many features on other artist’s projects already, but other than that he still remains on the mysterious side of the spectrum.

From what we’ve seen so far… brings much anticipation to the first step into his musical catalog.


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