[tbt!uesday] The Soul Pacific – All My Nights x The Vybe

This week we throwback 3 years to revisit some underground hip-hop music from local Lightsleepers affliate-group, The Soul Pacific. Consisting of members: L-Ah/Island Heir, Homestead, DJ Mad, & Banks, they brought the mellow & jazzy hip-hop we come to enjoy from other legendary groups such as: P.U.T.S., ATCQ, De La Soul & Blue Scholars.
It’s too bad they haven’t released any new material in about 2 years now. 😒 Β It would be great to hear more music like this coming from the islands.
First track is…Β All My Nights:

This one has a legit People Under the Stairs vibe/inspiration with the Hawaii charisma.

BONUS:Β The Vybe:

Another one with similar characteristics, however, more towards their own sound on this one.


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