[MAIKA’I] Prie – Trust Me, You’re Not Alone [Album Stream]

Following the releases of Seeds of Growth & Akira, brings us another highly anticipated album that came out late last year (but was expected to drop in 2017). Prie’s, Trust Me, You’re Not Alone Album.

In recent years, Prie has always been a stable force in the Hawaii Hip-Hop scene. From dropping yearly & quality releases, to extensive collaborations with other local artists, and opening for over a dozen well-known performers such as the g.o.a.t, Nas. We all know he has credibility.

This 17-track project features the likes of some of Hawaii’s most gifted emcees such as: Jim Hurdle, Sire, & Lazy Luciano.
Accompanied by the stellar production of TSRK, Chris Rockemwell, Jim Hurdle, Monte Booker, Derrick Thomas Jr, Chemist, Orijanus, & even Prie himself.

You can get the gist of the concept behind the album through his summary on his S.C.:

“a young soul on a journey thru life a piece of the divine of the most high (God) the creator of life trying to find his way back to his true self in a society that highly forces other living souls what to think, feel and believe. constantly fighting for his inner peace and self belief helping other souls around the world to know that no matter how hard the challenges in their journey is to know that their are not alone.”

Relevant and very meaningful exert.

Now press play…


Trust Me, You’re Not Alone: 4.5/5 Mics

You know I gotta reference my personal favorites:

  1. Worth (Prod. by Orijanus)
  2. Master of Self (Prod. by Monte Booker)
  3. Mental Psychosis (Prod. by Derrick Thomas Jr)
  4. Seeds of Growth (Prod. by Derrick Thomas Jr)
  5. Certified (Prod. by Derrick Thomas Jr)

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