Lazy Luciano – Sad House [Mixtape Stream]

This year Lazy Luciano released a mixtape titled, Sad Housewith features from many of your favorite Hawaii artists. I enjoyed this 8-track tape and you may recognize a few of these cuts that were released prior to this project such as, So Long & Headphones.  Nonetheless, solid work, strong features, and great production all around. Half the tracks on here I thought were super dope!

You know I gotta reference my personal favorites:

  1. Y’all Ain’t (feat. Prie) (prod. by L. David)
  2. AV Club (feat. Shitty Cornelius) (prod. by MaguTheDog)
  3. So Long (feat. Yung Matt) (prod. by Lowkey)
  4. The World (prod. by Damian Smith)

Very medicated listen 🙂  My only complaint… wish we could hear more. Looking forward to the follow-up. Hopefully by early next year.


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