[Da Local Spotlight] graves Edition

Spotlight #15

This month we focus on local/national/worldwide known producer, Graves.

Christian Mochizuki (Graves) has had much success within the music industry over the past couple years. His quite impressive catalog and Soundcloud hits are already staggering for a Hawaii artist, but what is really amazing is the fact that the dude already has a Grammy! Not just any Grammy either… it was for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

You should all know by now that Kanye had recorded nearly the entire album here in Hawaii and Christian was apart of the whole process from day 1. It was eat, sleep & beats for this young man. Along with the presence of one of Hip-Hop’s (or music’s) greatest artists, he had the opportunity to work with many many other huge stars as well (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Drake, etc). So the experience he received is probably beyond words.

With that being said, you now have to listen to what Graves has been cooking up this past year. Most of my favorites of his are more recent. Showcasing them below:

#1 – Say Things (with Coolights) 

#2 – See The Whole World (feat. TSRK & JSUN)

#3 – goodbye

Graves is one talented guy. Having the knowledge, experience, skill & dedication he now attained is rare; reaching pinnacles of success he must’ve never dreamed of. Working with Kanye West is truly a dream come true. Not only for him, but it would be for me as well. Lastly, obtaining a Grammy. That’s a producer’s fantasy. Very proud of this man and hope for more awards and recognition in the future for his talents.


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