[Da Local Spotlight] The Horror Show Edition

Spotlight #14

Two of our favorite local Hawaii rappers, DecibelGrand aka Bené Dela & Joncozy, formed their group The Horror Show back in 2012. Based out of Makakilo, they have brought lyricism and uniqueness to our Hawaii hip-hop sphere. Whether it’s solo tracks or various other group projects; these two always found a way to provide solid and original music over the years. Together they released their debut album, Viddy the Horrow Showback in 2013. Majority of my favorite cuts stem from this project, so be sure to check it out.

Now i’ll be showcasing my favorite tracks they released (so far) below:

#1 – Steel Reserve (feat. Pigeon John) (Prod. by Mr. Carmack)

On some funky shit here.

#2 – December 32nd (feat. DEF!NiTiON)

#3 – G.R.E.Y. 

#4 – LIIT (feat. Shikara)

Workhouse never disappoints. Would be stoked if they could reunite in the years to come.


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