[Da Local Spotlight] Noah Neevz Edition

Spotlight #13

Noah Neevz is a local Honolulu rapper who has been releasing a lot of dope content over the years. Going as far back as 2011! Personally, he separates himself from other local artists by taking risks & touching base with topics of concern here in Hawaii. Hence his track (below), Haoles.

Check out his Soundcloud and my latest post of him to see for yourself…

Now i’ll be showcasing my favorite tracks he released (so far) below:

#1 – Ain’t No Secret (feat. Samu Tatofi)

#2 – Haoles (Prod. by Luke White)

#3 – Hotel Lobby (Prod. by Attixa)

Ain’t No Secret is an incredible track. Fusing both a hip-hop and reggae sound is quite magical. Anyway, I always admire an artist who can bring music so consistently… I love the fact that he tends to mention all these local places, that I myself cruise at aha. In closing, as you listen to his music, you’ll notice the variety and diversification he has. Going from rapping about getting throwed/partying, to love songs, to controversial tracks. Dude has range. Looking forward to a full length project soon.


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