[Da Local Spotlight] Jim Hurdle Edition


Spotlight #12

 Jim Hurdle is one of Hawaii Hip-Hop’s front runners. He is a local grown emcee with a Southern past. Born in Texas, this rapper and producer is here to make an impact on Hawaii Hip-Hop and his Southern Aloha release is no exception. Check out my previous post on him for more info…

Now i’ll be showcasing my favorite tracks he released (so far) below:

#1 – Use 2 Love U (feat. Prie) – Southern Aloha

#2 – I Got That (feat. Krip H & Prie) – Southern Aloha

#3 – Infinity (feat. cnrboy)

Jim Hurdle has nothing but potential. The fact that his music has gotten the attention of some of the major blogs on the net is a huge accomplishment! He works with majority of Hawaii’s hottest Hip-Hop talent so he is surrounded by great motivation and support. I have nothing but high hopes for the dude and just really am excited to hear some new material. Jim had a lot of nice stuff on his first release and now he moved his style more toward the sound of today’s Rap. I was fortunate to see him live and he was nice. Him and Prie make a killer collab. Definitely Hawaii’s deadly combo. Also, I’m glad he kept his word by keeping his music current 😉 Future is bright for James.


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