DEF!NiTiON – Canopy Vista [EP Stream]

Photo courtesy of Workhouse Hawaii (Bandcamp)

One of my favorite Hawaii emcees, DEF!NiTiON, recently released an EP for the first time in ages called, Canopy Vista. I was HELLA stoked when I realized its existence because there wasn’t much promotion to my knowledge. Maybe this was a personal project, i-o-no.

Canopy Vista here

Anyway, this project starts off on a rather dark tip with, Cricketsa track about his relations with a girl (unless it’s a metaphor) and it gets messy after their intensive fornication. I thought this was an ill track and the way he put it together totally reminded me of Dancing With A Devil by Immortal Technique. Not sure how the track title fits in still…

Golden Pagodais a little history of Def and how living in Hawaii shaped him into the emcee/man he is today and the struggles he/we face in result.

Hollowed Midnightbrings calm to the project and is my overall favorite track. I truly feel he has developed a strong flow and original sound to his music, which makes him stand out from the rest. This track is a good example.

The last song, Supernovamoves things back to pace and throws some heavy flows and hard lyrics. Proving his mic skillzzzzzz.

In conclusion, Crickets & Hollowed Midnight are my personal favorites and I recommend this EP to anyone out there supporting real hip-hop and HI hip-hop.

Support your local emcees~




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