Jim Hurdle – Makiki (Prod. by BrassTracks & Flybear)


 Jim Hurdle, one of Hawaii Hip-Hop’s front runners released a dedication to his hometown of Makiki, here on Oahu. The track is soulful & smooth and shows how much love and pride he has for Makiki. Honestly, I hear similarities to a hungry Meek Mill on this song particularly… which is dope.

Jim’s brief history… Local born emcee with a Southern twist. He was raised in Texas hence his album titled “Southern Aloha.” This now producer AND rapper is here to make an impact on Hawaii hip-hop and the industry as a whole. I’ve seen his name on a lot of production throughout the Hawaii hip-hop sphere over the past years, however now it’s his name on both sides. Hard work is definitely an understatement for the man. Besides killing it on the rhymes, beats, and life, he also has been the go-to opener for majority of the acts to wash up here on the islands. Travis $cott, Action Bronson, Childish Gambino, G-Eazy, etc. Hurdle believes talent can only take a person so far and putting in the work is really the key to success…


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