[Da Local Spotlight] Chris Xanny Edition


Spotlight #10

Looks like we are officially 10 deep now… after all these spotlights, which one is your favorite? The list is at the bottom of the post if you feel like showing love.

#10 belongs to Mililani emcee, Chris Xanny, formally known as Chris Verses. You may have heard of him from the local group, HOTBOXCARTEL, I’ve featured them on my blog too. The link is below. Anyway, Chris ‘Xanny’ Verses is an independent producer, engineer, and rap artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Not sure if he resides here currently or in Oregon. He’s released over 25 tracks on his Soundcloud, so he has a wide array of music to be heard. I’m showcasing my personal favorite two tracks here:

#1 – September 22nd (Prod. by IGNORVNCE)

#2 – Thank You (Prod. by IGNORVNCE)

Chris Xanny is another talented emcee coming from the aloha state. He provides passion and heart which you can feel and hear in his music. In other words, he lets his soul bleed on the track. I see a lot of similarities between dude and DecibelGrand in style and flow. They even used the same beat from IGNORVNCE on Thank You and Decibel’s Thnks4nthing. I hope we can one day get another HOTBOX collab tape or anything along the lines. They make a good duo.

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