[tbt!hursday] The Ill Hill Society – Rap Better [Mixtape Stream]


Wanted to show some love to Cozy & Kwalified because I like what they did together on this mixtape from wayyyyy back in 2011. After listening to this on repeat the other day, I realized how Cozy & Geologic from Blue Scholars have a pretty identical style, which is really dope. Always was a Blue Scholars fan. This was a solid project from the early beginnings of their rap careers, 💯 Shoutout to Rockza as well!


My Personal Top tracks from the mixtape (in case you need some guidance):

  1. Take It Slow
  2. Gettin’ Down (feat. Hopie)
  3. Cool


*On Take It Slow, I pictured Childish Gambino hoping on this type-beat. Would be sick.

*Gettin’ Down demonstrated how the group can handle a cypher and really flow; it was like passing a baton to each emcee.


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