[Da Local Spotlight] Lazy Luciano Edition


Spotlight #9

Welcome back to another edition of the ‘Local Spotlight.’ This time we are putting local emcee, Lazy Luciano on blast. Not much said about dude, if you check out his Instagram it might give you better insight on the much talented man. First, I want y’all to listen to this sick freestyle on Kendrick/ScHoolboy’s, Blessed:

Lazy Luciano – Blessed (Freestyle)

He murdered it.

Here are two more gems from Lazy:

Lazy Luciano – See Thru (Prod. by Slomdug)

Lazy Luciano – Timeless (Prod by Robot Orchestra)


Lazy Luciano brings Hawaii Hip-hop another mellow, consistent, and talented emcee to our ever-increasing music scene. He along with a lot of other Hawaii artists show much potential and skill on M.I.C. I hope he starts to add more to his catalog, so he can show us that his future in this ‘rap-game’ is bright.

“We are such a small island, but we make up for it with passion and heart.”


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