Joekerr – Scriptures


Taken from Joekerr’s Facebook Page:

“The Hawaii raised MC known as Joekerr has been a fixture in the local underground Hip-hop scene for a long time. An artist dedicated to preserving the art form of lyricism, Joekerr spent several years of battling, writing and developing his skill. Joekerr has written and performed songs for various signed and unsigned recording artists and production groups. “I just had fun and rapped. It’s been working so far, but I know I’m destined for more.” When asked about his influences, “I sound like EM, Ras, Tech, Canibus and Chino XL had a baby, and that baby was a genius!” Joekerr strives to continually experiment and offer something different to his fans. A budding rap career once deferred, Joekerr prepares for success with a twisted smile.”

Yet again… as I continue my journey to acquire all the Hawaii Hip-hop talent, I stumble across another local emcee, Joekerr. The bio above pretty much sums up what you need to know about him and the following track should be enough to show dude’s skills. I definitely hear the Chino fa sho. Check out his Soundcloud and show some love.



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