THE HI-LITES CREW – THC EP: Elevated Playa Hated [EP STREAM]

The long awaited first legit project from the, THE HI-LITES CREW x THE HU$TLE CREW, featuring production from Purps Music (known for supplying beats for Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, etc), Winzel Mcfly (Hawaii), CHA$E N. CA$HE and THC’s own Hugh Hempner. Really digging this tape from these local dudes, if you’re a fan of Curren$y and enjoy chill (stoney) rap with good lyrics, this is your sh*t. Straight good vibes only!

Special thanks to Mr. JO$HUA for providing all the gems these past few weeks and more to come!

My Top 3 Personal Favorites off the THC EP:

  1. Who Dat (Prod. by Mr. JO$HUA)
  2. Wave’N (Prod. by Purps Beats)
  3. Keep It Pimp’n (Prod. Cha$e N. Ca$he)


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