[Da Local Spotlight] cnrboy Edition


Spotlight #8

Ah… at last. It’s time to put CNRBOY on the spotlight. The extremely talented emcee coming outta the aloha state (like most of these dudes). The guy seems on the mysterious side, but that just makes his music way more authentic/real. Jah feel? Anyway, I will feature two songs that are my personal favorites from his catalog and not yet featured on my blog. Here goes the first one…

Warm Winter (feat. cornelius)

“we are grasping at a grand unified theory of all symbolic systems to discover and express universal truths. from a pandora’s box of research and relics, I attempt to make connections between symbolic systems of different disciplines.”

My overall favorite of his is this track right here, Static, 

CNRBOY represents (to me) real authentic hip-hop with a twist of Hawaii and modern underground hip-hop. The track Static is an exceptional example of how talented the dude is and it shows what happens when you mix these two important ingredients. I hear old school and new school along with the passion he has in his music, all fusing together to make a very hopeful emcee. His high consistency and quality of his music also proves how much share he holds in this Hawaii sphere. Personally, the more music you push out at a high caliber is going to open many ears. He is another great example of how I truly am proud of the Hawaii Hip-Hop scene. We are such a small island, but we make up for it with passion and heart.


Here is a late upload from the Broke Mokes EP release party a couple months back. Live performance by cnrboy. Killing tracks and live shows. He the real MVP


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