CJ Trillo – Vibration (Prod. by Jim IE)


The Sucka free dude is back with another banger. Had to show some love! Don’t kill my vibe~

Always show love to CJ he the real deal triiiiill.

Check the lyrics below:

Trillo on set, Trillo got
Pillow on deck. Bring ’em out.
Lay ’em out with the soft side,
Top side, White I with the sauce, I
Left eye. Saying I’ma only do it for the West Side.
Less I, want a silly mofucker doing something
for the next high…right?
Ride with me.
Said the same thing from the jump: Vibe with me.
Any man came from the bump right with me.
Pretty dame staying for the love, lie with me.
Lie with me on a bed spring,
no money but a bed stain.
Know the love life sorta like a chess game,
doing excess for the rest of the best brain.
Slow head with the neck game,
she ain’t do it for the love of the moolah.
Noise in for the dress game,
know I had to go and do it to you.
Do it, though.
You ain’t did shit but you knew it, bro.
You ain’t love me you the newest, ho.
I don’t speak nothing but the truest, flow.

This be my vibe
I feel so high
I know it’s right
This be my vibe.

No set, but I rep so wicked.
Flow dippin’ in an all black Cadillac,
back back with the backpack ratatat,
black hat with the cap back, matter fact.
Tight flow, I
wearing nothing but a white robe, right.
Making every single night glow, fly
brought a milli for the light show, tight.
Had to go and get it, go and let it find you.
Vibing is something I do, gave y’all the truth,
hold that shit never let loose.
Finding my peace in the muse, man.
I dont fear that shit.
I ain’t near that shit.
Devil saying names, I don’t hear that bitch.

I hear the walls vibrating now from left to right,
and we go’n play this shit ’til morning by the end of the night.
Ain’t no intention for some misguided control by the flight,
so we go’n play this mofucker ’til we up in them skies.


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