[Da Local Spotlight] Kwalified Emcee Edition


Spotlight #7

First of all, HAPPY THVNKSGIVING to all the surtified ill fans out there. Thank you for the support and being here when this blog is only up and beginning.

Anyway, I decided to dedicate this month’s spotlight to none other than, Kwalified Emcee or Kwalified. Of course, being one of Hawaii’s most well-known and enjoyed emcees, I have showcased some of his material on my blog already. However, here is a real dedication with three of my favorite Kwalified tracks and some background of the doperhymer.

Here is a quick bio (taken from the Honolulu Pulse by Kalani Wilhelm):

“Kevin Richie Jr. (Kwalified) may not have the flashiest ride, the flyest gear or even a hyped-up collection of retro Jordans, but he does have hip-hop. So far, the culture hasn’t let him down.

As one of the undisputed leaders of the current Honolulu hip-hop scene, nothing brings the talented, no-nonsense artist known as Kwalified Emcee more joy than spitting rhymes, freestyle cyphers or listening to good rap music. This creative outlet has been his number one addiction since he penned his first rhyme at the age of 15.”

This is what I look for in a real artist someone who will (for the most part) put the music before the fame. Real talent comes from the heart and isn’t forced to produce a profit. Sure, money is very important and necessary, but never let it be your main goal when it comes to something you love. I see the quality, passion, and real skill in Kwalified. He is definitely in my Top 5 Hawaii Rappers: Rukka, Decibel, Koins, Cnrboy…

Kwalified has released a few projects entitled: We Makin Music Doe and Listen & Share. Both available on his Soundcloud.  He also has collaborative tapes with CNRBOY, which all are very nice, especially their most recent release, 3D. Please support the local artist and give him the credit he deserves coming out of the small island of Oahu.

Check out my favorite tracks of his below (they actually all come from his album We Makin Music Doe – available to purchase here):

  1. Jim Morrison (feat. Rukkathemagnificent)

Sounds so fresh, love Rukka.

2. Sleeping Alone

The meaning behind this song is so very relatable, he obviously shares the same struggles most of us encounter thus is nice.

3. I’m Good

The good life.

Personally, I feel like Kwalified combined with local artists like Rukka, Cnrboy, Lazy Luciano & Koins  is where he is best. He doesn’t have a need to expand to any more mainstream features yet…


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