Mr. Carmack – Drugs


If you’ve been sleeping on Mr. Carmack then you haven’t heard the insane production coming outta this local Honolulu producer. The man has already made it to the limelight and has performed all over the globe and even events as massive as EDC. So why is it being showcased here? 

Talent. His catalog is pretty extensive already with several projects completed and tons of singles out. He has contributed to many well-known artists production along with local Hawaii emcees. He is a skilled musician knowing how to play french horn, piano, drums, percussion, trumpet, bass, ukulele, guitar. Plus all the music production software and programs.

Local Hawaii Boy. He is a native here and I gotta show some love at least once. But I know after you here this and check out his Soundcloud, you will be a fan. Guaranz.


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