CNRBOY & Kwalified – 3D [Mixtape Stream]

CNRBOY & Kwalified, two of the 50th’s finest emcees release a sick 9-track mixtape, which is part of a trilogy of collaborations. The Tag Team champs have no doubt dropped their sickest of all with this one. The cover art is slick, the production is crazy good, and the lyrics are well… what you would expect from the upper echelon rappers in the state. Hit the jump for my usual Top 4! favorites of the tape:

(Surill’s) Personal Favorite Tracks: (which was too hard to limit to 3 so I made my first Top 4!)

  1. Back It Up
  2. M.A.R.S (feat. Jim Hurdle)
  3. Too High For This (feat. Sire)
  4. Wavy Boyz

This was definitely one of my favorite mixtapes to come out of my hometown and I think it has so much underground potential. We need to bring cnrboy and Kwalified to the masses because they need the praise they deserve. So glad to have heard this and I hope you all enjoy the tape as much as I did. 


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