[Da Local Spotlight] Rukka the Magnificent Edition

Spotlight #6

I couldn’t miss a spotlight for this dude right here, Rukka the Magnificentis one to f*ck with. His album, Frisbee This, has some fire tracks and I will showcase them in the jump. So be sure to cop that tape I believe it is $8.99 on Amazon or you can just stream it on Soundcloud as well. He hasn’t been real active lately (the songs i’ll be posting are about a year old, but still incredible talent), however, I’m sure there will be some new material soon. I really hope the man has a lot of potential.

First track is, Chocolate Heroin (feat. Joncozy):

This is definitely my favorite track of his. The guitar and bass in this song are incredible, really matches a HI vibe and could be a Hawaii version of a People Under the Stairs joint.

Second track is, Miraculous: (No puns here)

Some trippy alternative hip-hop right here. Love it!

Third track is, Lightweight (feat. Punahele & Kwalified):

Sleepy cow?! Sleepy now. o.O They should make an A$AP MOB collab haha. Punahele killed it!

Rukka the Magnificent is an exceptional Hawaii emcee and I believe he has so much talent. His style and flow and even voice can work so well with artists like Hodgy Beats, A$AP MOB, Tayyib Ali, and even PUTS. I will be looking forward to whatever Rukka brings next and i’ll be copping it. Rukka and Decibel local match made in heaven.


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