[Da Local Spotlight] Broke Mokes Edition

Spotlight #4

Hip-Hop group the Broke Mokes are emcees from Kaneohe, Hawaii (which is right by my whereabouts). The group consist of Koins, IZZY I AM & Dae1.

Here is their bio:

Established August 2010. Members: Izzy I AM, Koins, and Dae1. Released first mixtape “The Mokestape Pt. 1” in September 2010. “The Mokestape Parts 2 and 3 set to drop Summer 2011. First performance at Blue Ocean Thai 21+ with Prie, KiddSantos and Dyvon on January 21, 2011. Performed several times at Tropics for Hip Hop at the Trops. Opened for K-Luv of the Prolific Unknowns and Pro at “Next Door” in Chinatown March 31, 2011. Opened for Bambu and Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars at Blue Ocean Thai on May 7, 2011. Also performed at Jazzminds, Morals Fiber, G’s Spot, and 4play. Collaborated with Noah Neevz, Ron Bass of RapTunez, Jordan Agustin of Kolohe Kai, Chawney Ufuti aka Mahana36 from youtube, Prie, Definition and Punahele of the NightMarchers, Big Mox and K-Luv aka the Prolific Unknowns, Bambu of Native Guns, and Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars. Recorded at On The Rock Recording in Sand Island, Low Ceilings Productions in Kalihi, Neevzy Studios in Kalihi, and Omarvalous1 Studios in Nu’uanu.

First track of theirs i’d like to present is, Cop That:

Second, State of Mine:

And lastly, Reppin:

I really like these dudes think they have a nice flow and overall sound great together as a group. I am a big fan of Koins already so I know he is sick, but i gotta give it up to Izzy and Dae. Izzy was killing all the tracks I’ve heard from them so I know he is up next for a shoutout. These songs all came out on what seems to be a small EP project, but not sure. I just put them in the order of my personal favorites. Stay tuned.


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