[Da Local Spotlight] Koins Edition

Spotlight #3

Kaneohe native might just be my favorite emcee out of Hawaii. Nuff said.

“My first solo tape titled “Keep Your Koins” is available for download at no cost but if you’re feeling kind enough to donate towards my art, I would appreciate the aloha. (Hard copies are being processed, if you would like a hard copy feel free to contact him)” – Koins

Here is a little sample of his music:

My favorite track by the dude has to be, “Always Know

Kick, push…

Second is, “Where Am I To Go

He gives me a similar vibe as Prie, but personally he has a stronger flow that rides his beat selections better.

I don’t know why I keep hearing a sprinkle of Lupe as well, i.d.k…

Lastly, we got “Unwind

These are just my personal favorites from his tape, but it is also all the material I could find so we shall see.

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